Now its time for me to talk about my second value, self. I already explained why power relates to Oedipus the king, now I need to relate self to Oedipus. When I started to think about how I was going relate the theme of self to Oedipus the king, I realized that power and self are the same in many ways and my examples for how they both relate to Oedipus the king are kind of the same. I wrote down some ideas for self on a piece of paper and realized that my main idea for self is almost the same example that I used for power. Oedipus was very concerned about who he was and where he came from after hearing the truth about his parents from the Oracle. He was so upset and ashamed about what he heard that he physically destroyed himself. I relate self to the way Oedipus felt about himself and what he is showing of himself to the world. He was so ashamed about his fate and the news that came out about him. He hated himself and what he put his family through. He was embarrassed and ashamed. The way he felt about himSELF was terrible and after the truth came out, he lost his power and himSELF. As you can see, for Oedipus the King, self and power go hand in hand. When Oedipus lost his power he also lost himself, who he was, and the life he had built for himself.