Philosophy is a base of something where you keep your goals, ideas, and thoughts. From this, you find your power. Everyone has their own philosophy in life and this leads to how you want to live your life. I also think that everybody or most people want to feel power from within and feel confident with their life and how they live it, this all comes from the choices we make which is essentially our philosophy on our lives. If being kind and helpful makes you feel powerful then that is your philosophy on how you live your life. It is your tool to making you feel powerful. Feeling powerful is a very satisfying thing. This thought leads me right into the idea of self. Philosophy and self. It all blends together in my eyes. Philosophy, power, and self are all connected. This is why I chose to write about philosophy, power, and self, they blend together and can be easily connected. When I think about self, I think about how someone feels and how they choose to live their life. Philosophy is how you choose to live your life and power and a feeling that comes along with your choices. Power is a response to the choices you make and the choices you make reflect how you feel in the end and this all is a result of how you live your life through your own philosophy. Wow that was a long and messed up sentence! Good thing I’m not worrying about my sentence structure and just letting my thoughts fly through my fingers.