Alright, now I am to relate my two themes/values to my own life. Ill start with power. I feel the most powerful when I accomplish something or when I feel like I have control over my life and I feel very confident in what I am doing. When I have my life together and I feel like I have accomplished something, that is when I feel most powerful. Like I said before, power and self are connected because when I feel powerful, I feel very good about myself. I didn’t really realize before I started this project that the values I chose would connect so well together but when i started to use them as examples I realized they all blend together. I can relate to Oedipus’s story because I can recall a time where I felt defeated and embarrassed about something and instantly lost all sense of power. I was ashamed just like Oedipus and just wanted to hide. I lost my sense of self and power. When thinking about my own philosophies, I think about the way I live my life. I think about my values that I live by and my goals and perspective on my life. This all makes me think about mySELF and the value of self. Its all about how you feel and how you think and act. When I think about the values of power and self, I think about how someone feels within and I think about the fact that power and self are connected in so many ways. It seems like you can’t have one without the other. Power drives me to do things and when I feel powerful, I feel confident about mySELF.