So I searched through my unorganized Comp. Lit. binder and found everything I had from Oedipus the king, which was a lot! I found every crumbled up piece of paper that had anything to help me with this project. Ill start with Oedipus the King and how it relates to power. There is no need to write a summary of Oedipus the King because we all read it together in class so I’m going to just jump in assuming all of you know what I’m talking about. I see a lot of examples of power in Oedipus the King, some are very obvious! The first example that jumps out at me when first thinking about Power and how it relates to Oedipus the King is Oedipus himself. Power seems to be one of the main themes of this story because of the disaster that follows Oedipus’s power. Oedipus didn’t always have power, but after some time he did gain power and this led to many disastrous things. When Oedipus started to hear the rumors about his past and his families past, he realized he had so much to lose, and that was his power. His reputation was at stake and he wanted to make sure that would not change from these rumors. His reputation as king was about to be destroyed and that meant his power was going to be destroyed as well. He always seemed like the brave and powerful king that everyone looked up to and admired. He had a beautiful family and wonderful life as the king. When the truth came out however, everything changed for Oedipus. Oedipus and everyone else found out from the Oracle that he had married his mother and his daughters were also his sisters. Horrid right? This broke Oedipus and his family down disastrously and immediately changed everything. Oedipus and his wife/mother were horrified and incredibly ashamed and embarrassed. This immediately took away Oedipus’s power and strength as king away from him because he fell completely apart. The family was miserable and broken. That doesn’t sound like a powerful king to me. As soon as the truth came out, Oedipus lost his power. He lost his power because he took it away from himself, he was incredibly ashamed and lost. This is a story about power and how the truth can take that power away from even the greatest of kings.