Wow! I finally found a way where I can just write down my every thought and not have the grammar cops after me! I am really enjoying writing a blog because like I said before, I like to write and always have a lot to say but my writing form/spelling/grammar is not always in tip top shape. I realized this when I was writing my last post. I started to write and all the sudden I wasn’t really thinking about the proper way to write a paper, I just let my thoughts go from my head, down to my fingers and onto my computer screen. In fact, I’m doing it right now! This reminds me of dream writing (or whatever its called) where you just write and don’t think about the spelling or grammar of what your writing. You just get as much down on paper as you can in a limited amount of time. This is how I feel when I’m writing this blog. Everything I read/learned about Oedipus the King came back to me when I was writing my last blog. It was crazy! I like this because its casual writing!

“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.”